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Carbon Footprint Calculator

The University of Northampton in cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund has launched an online carbon footprint calculator recently which runs through a series of lifestyle questions to calculate carbon footprint in tonnes per annum. The well designed and easy to use website also makes a series of personal recommondations based on your answers and offers visitors the opportunity to discuss the issues and track progress over time. Well worth a visit!

Similar tools are also available from CarbonFootprint.com and the Nature Conservancy, and Climate Change Corp have written a longer article all about carbon calculators. Eon Energy have a calculator designed to calculate the energy fitness of your home (and to collect your email address for marketing spam), it covers the building, construction, heating, hot water and lighting.

Online calculator tools and web applications are becoming an increasingly popular method of collecting data from multiple users about their behaviour, they can be used to build up a picture of group usage and to help formulate strategy for change. For facility managers taking care of large buildings, online calculators can be a much more efficient method of collecting data than traditional paper surveys and meetings.